Where to stay in Naxos? Suggestions & Information

Where to stay in Naxos? Suggestions & Information

Naxos is the Biggest Island of the Cyclades.

It is the island that combines mountain and sea so harmoniously, that you will never get bored. It is therefore sensible that the visitors are in a dilemma for their place of residence.

One of the most popular destinations are the areas located by the sea and therefore a breath away from the beautiful beaches, but also in a short distance from the center of the island, Chora.

Accommodation in Naxos: Should I stay in the country or somewhere more secluded?

The villages for your holidays in Naxos

Agios Prokopios, Agia Anna and Plaka are the first popular destinations for accommodation.

These areas are located at a distance of 6-8 km from Naxos Town and their beaches are ‘counting kilometers’. Essentially, one beach is next to the other and are suitable for families, couples or even lonely vacations.

Coming from Chora, the first beach we meet is Agios Prokopios with clear blue waters and beautiful sandy beach. On the coastal road you will find traditional taverns, a small market and a Beach Bar to enjoy your coffee or drink. The beach is one of the most organized on the island and the diving activities on the beautiful ocean of Agios Prokopios are well known throughout the island. In the surrounding area you will find many hotels, studios and apartments.

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The next beach of Agia Anna is just one kilometer from Agios Prokopios.

Agia Anna is more picturesque due to the small fishing port with taverns nearby and the Beach Bars. The beach is organized and the hotels quite a lot.

In the last part is Plaka. A little further away but also natural!

This area is special, as it reminds you of Naxos at an early stage. The beach is huge with its dunes and crystal clear waters. It is organized with sunbeds and corresponding service. Along the beach you will find traditional taverns with tables by the sea, Beach Bars and professional service for wind surfing & Kite surfing.

It has good quality hotels that offer peace and relaxation even in the most sought-after months, where the island is crowded. It is an ideal destination for quiet and comfort.

The most central destination is Naxos Town

Chora has a lot of restaurants, cafes, bars & clubs, , a large market – any kind of product and of course many types of hotels, Boutique hotels, Pension, and Airbnb residences. The beautiful Portara welcomes you upon your arrival on the island! It stands majestically and the sunset moments there, are magical.

In Chora there is the beach of Agios Georgios which is famous for its shallow waters. It is the only beach located quite close to Chora. It is also organized and has Coffee – Bars. In Agios Georgios there are many hotel complexes, for every expectation & every pocket.

Apart from the New Town, the beauty of the idyllic small streets that you will cross in the Old Town of the island will steal your heart. The beautiful alleys with the Café – Bar that will offer you a magical view to the port of Naxos, the small and cute shops that will open their doors hospitably, the souvenir shops that will give you an image of the Cycladic culture and the beautiful well-maintained houses with a Venetian atmosphere that you will be able to rent for your stay.

The castle is located at the top and the old country is built around it. So in addition to the New Town, you will be able to find accommodation in the Old Town as well!

A little further from the center you will find accommodation resorts in Orkos and MikriVigla of Naxos. MikriVigla &  Orkos are coastal areas with beautiful beaches.

Recently, hotel complexes with good facilities have been built, and Villas provided for rent. There are several restaurants and essentials, such as supermarkets and bakeries.

At a greater distance from the center, about 17 km is the absolutely picturesque village, Halki.

It is a traditional village on the mountainous Naxos that has a small market, a lot of tourism, traditional cafes and taverns. There, you will be able to find beautiful mansions for unforgettable holidays. It is an ideal destination for couples and lonely getaways.

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