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Rent a Car & Take an Auto Tour in Naxos

Why rent a car if I want to do a road trip?

When starting a vacation most people are faced with some dilemmas: to prefer a car or some other transport for road trip? There will certainly be … Read More

How to choose a car rental company? What should I watch out for?

Searching for car hire Naxos, you will find several options. To choose and decide which rental company is the best you should compare the quality, the … Read More

When to rent a car to rent it cheaper?

Searching for Naxos rent a car, you will find many options. Most people are interested in renting a good car at the best possible price.And it’s … Read More

Things to do in Naxos & Sights

Wondering what you can do in Naxos? Definitely, the following destinations will surprise you! Looking for rent a car Naxos Greece, you will see our company … Read More

Where to stay in Naxos? Suggestions & Information

Naxos is the Biggest Island of the Cyclades. It is the island that combines mountain and sea so harmoniously, that you will never get bored. It … Read More

Mainland of Naxos

One of the most famous tour which every visitor must explore is in the main land of our island, as the particular way provide the most

North side Tour Apollonas

The longer tour in Naxos island, starting from Naxos Town with direction to Apollonas – Galini- Eggares villages. In few kilometers … Read More

A sort tour to Nature

Just 8 kilometers of Naxos Town located Melanes village which suggested for a relaxing walking between the alleys and the narrows streets… … Read More

Naxos Beaches – The best options for swimming and relaxation

Naxos is famous for the amazing beaches with crystal clear waters and sandy coasts! As you will see below, there are many options. With our company … Read More

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