When to rent a car to rent it cheaper?

When to rent a car to rent it cheaper?

Searching for Naxos rent a car, you will find many options.

Most people are interested in renting a good car at the best possible price.And it’s perfectly normal.

However, the following components should also be considered:The time, which I make my reservation and the period, which I am interested in:

Low Season or High Season?

When booking is made “early”, a long enough period before your arrival and especially during the winter months you are much more likely to win a better price. That’s because?

Initially, you make a reservation during a ‘dead’ mobility period, where there is no mass demand and prices are more conducive.

(Note that we are always talking about car rentals that are more active during the summer season – something that happens at least on our island).

It is well known by all agencies, travel agencies and guides that customer’s benefit from the good prices, which they can get with an “early booking”. Early booking is important for any business, as it can better organize its booking plan, be able to fulfill your request more easily, providing you with better service and of course give you a better price. There are companies that give a discount of -10% or -20% for rentals that are made early.

Do not let such opportunities be missed and rent upon arrival. As there is a case that prices have increased due to demand but also there is limited availability of vehicles to rent. In recent years, there is a special demand from the people for car rentals on the island of Naxos. So it is not at all an exaggeration to not find a car easily during your stay on the island, especially during the high season.

Availability – Seasons / Period

The period that someone are interesting for a car, it is also an important factor that affects the price of the vehicle. Certainly in the low season, meaning April – May – October the prices are quite economic but also in the middle season, June and September the prices are very good.

During the high season July and August the prices are higher. In many cases, of course, the potential tenant may have won a coupon or made an ‘early’ booking and taken advantage of the best price.

By booking in advance you get the best price.

«It’s hard to make a reservation earlier», one might say.

As your schedule may change from any external factor. This should not worry you, as long as the car rental company is able to give you the option to cancel shortly from the date of your booking, without having to pay cancellation fees.

The possibility of cancellation – shortly after your arrival, is really a great benefit and is able to encourage people to win better deals, without stress and insecurity.

Early booking avoids mistakes and hasty moves

Book a car earlier and not when you have already reached your destination.

This will greatly help you save time and not waste your vacation moments, looking to find an available vehicle at a good price.By booking early you have the opportunity to compare prices, benefits and get the best possible price.

This is not often the case when booking at your destination, as the offers are limited – depending on the availability of vehicles during that period.

Finally, you have the time to choose the vehicle that will make your vacation easier, without being pressed by the limited time.  You have not had to worry about an immediate decision and miss the moments of your trip.So, you have time to add extra benefits and definitely choose from a wider range of available cars rather than being limited by the remaining vehicles.

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