Naxos Island in September

Naxos Island in September

Is Naxos worth visiting in September

Naxos is one of the most interesting destinations even in Autumn.
September is an ideal month for a holiday, as long as you have sorted out your obligations.
In Naxos, summer lasts and September is one of the active months of the tourist season.
So it is worth visiting the island of Naxos even in September and you will surely believe that it is the best month for a relaxing and enjoyable vacation!
You should come on holiday in September. The clean and peaceful beaches, the picturesque villages with their frequent visitors, the beautiful landscapes of the island, the traditional tavernas, and the organized beaches with beach bars, are among the important reasons to decide to make your excursion in September.
For the visitors, Naxos in September is a destination for relaxation, with plenty of options to enjoy their holidays, without the crowds of August.
They can enjoy the beaches, the sea, the sports, the food, and the excursions on the island with less cost and better quality.
Certainly, the prices have evened out, compared to the previous two months, and the quality is better. The fewer the crowds, the better the service.
In addition to the beauties of the island, various festivals are also organizedin September. The most famous is the Potatoes Festival, organized by the Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Naxos. Naxos is famous for the excellent quality of potatoes. The land of Naxos is extremely fertile and vegetable crops are thriving.
Naxos has developed animal husbandry and good-quality raw materials.
It has also been characterized by experts as a gastronomic paradise!
Visit Naxos in September, where prices are more affordable, summer is still in full swing, and the fun is still on!

Is Naxos windy in September?

It is always windy in the Cyclades, even in the main summer months.
We are the islands of the wind, and this is well known.
Of course, the atmosphere is not cold. The sea is also at a very good temperature most days of September.
Usually, at the end of August, strong winds blow during the day, while the winds calm down in the evening. This weather phenomenon is called «Meltemi»
After the end of August, the atmosphere changes, and this is felt especially by the people who live on the island and understand the difference.
Most of the days in September the weather is calmer, not so windy, as in late August.
Of course, the weather can never be constant. There are fluctuations in the weather and this is reasonable and uncontrollable.
Generally, in September, there will be some windy days, but this can’t be a problem for your holiday as it’s not cold and the sun is up!

Naxos weather and temperature in September

September is an Autumn month.
So we all understand that the weather cannot always be clear and hot.
There will be days when it feels like summer, there will be autumn days with a little more breeze.
Many people will feel hesitant to take their vacation in September, thinking that the weather will be unstable.
But they are wrong! The weather in September can be cool, not too hot but not cold either. Ideal temperatures to enjoy the sea, your trip without the unbearable heat of the previous 2 months.
The weather in September is mostly clear and the temperature ranges around 24 – 27 degrees.
If we had to describe the weather for this month in 2 words, it would be a
“Sweet September!”

Is Naxos open in September? Will everything still be open?

On the island of Naxos, the summer does not stop in August.
September is considered the continuation of summer. The summer season continues and tourism does not stop.
Everything works perfectly, with better quality of service.
The shops still follow the summer – opening hours, the taverns welcome you warmly, relieved of the pressure of work and everything still reminds you that the summer is not over!
Everything is working normally, even the smallest taverns in the island’s picturesque villages. It’s worth renting a car from a reliable car rental company and visiting the small picturesque villages with traditional cafes and taverns with homemade delicacies!
Museums and archaeological sites welcome people as usual.
Naxos has many beauties that are worth exploring. There are great contrasts between the plain and mountainous sides of Naxos.
On this island, you will find well-organized beaches, small coves for quiet moments, and exotic beaches, such as Hawaii beach and Panormos beach on the southeast side of the island.
On the mountainous side of the island, you will find small earthly paradises!
There are small valleys with running water, blooming flowers and trees, waterfalls, and high mountains, the most famous being Mount Za, with a height of 1004 meters.
In a few words, it is a place that combines everything, mountain, and seain harmony!

In Naxos Town, you can find shops, bars overlooking the harbor, and restaurants that can satisfy even the most demanding. The iconic Portara (Apollo Temple) is a meeting point for many visitors at sunset. The sunset from there is incredible; Many people are interested in seeing and taking pictures of it.
Many people gather in the old town of the island with its small picturesque streets.
At the top is the castle, a little further from the Ursuline School, the Catholic church and beautiful traditional corners, and small neighborhoods with many pots and flowers, creating a pleasant feeling.
In Naxos, you have the possibility even in September to take a Sailing Tour!
Day trips are organized with sailing boats on the southern side of the island, which is difficult to access by car, and in the small Cyclades as well.
The travelershave the opportunity to swim in the crystal clear and heavenly waters of Koufonisia, while they candivingalso in Rina’s Caves.
For sure, they will get an incredible experience!

Is Naxos crowded in September?

September is the most ideal month for holidays in Naxos!
The situation on the island is what the visitor needs to enjoy his vacation.
There are still plenty of people on the island, which gives a sense of vitality and the feeling that summer is still here and waiting for you to experience it!
You will still meet people in all parts of the island, on beaches, villages, restaurants, and bars. There is still work to be done!
There is still work for the entrepreneurs of the island, but quietly, without stress, and with better performance in service.
There is not as much crowding as in July and August, which often causes the visitor to feel that there is not enough space to lie comfortably on the beach, to find a table in a restaurant or a bar, to find availability and a good price for a rental car.
Everything is much easier, cheaper, and with impeccable service!
You can also find a table easily even in the most popular restaurants and bars, where
in the main summer months (July – August) you need to make a reservation, and sometimes with a minimum consumption to find a table near the sea or with a sea view.
Mostly the visitors are couples, with a few families since the students’ obligations have started.
In short, there are as many people as needed and everything is working normally, as it should be!

Can you swim in Naxos in September?

The sunny days are enough and the sea is so calm and warm. The ideal temperature is 23 degrees.
People who visit the island at regular intervals confirm that in September the sea is even warmer than in August.
Most days of the month the sea is calm, and a gentle breeze creates a cool feeling.
Usually, in September the winds come from the north, making the sea crystal clear and cool, ideal for swimming!
Endless beaches with clear blue waters and fluffy sands are extremely interesting for the island’s visitors.
You can swim at the beaches of the island, enjoy your drinks, and even have some snacks or a meal from the organized Beach bars.
In case it’s windy, you can have fun doing Windsurfing on various well-organized beaches.
There are water sports professionals who can provide you with equipment and also supervise you.
Τhere are beginner sections, even for those who do water sports forthe first time.
It is a wonderful activity you can find on the island of Naxos and worth experiencing!
The sea is magnificent in September, and the activities and possibilities on this island are many. On the island of Naxos, visitors have everything they need to spend an unforgettable vacation in September!

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