Naxos Island in October

Naxos Island in October

Is Naxos worth visiting in October

October is the last month of the tourist season in Naxos.
Summer is gone, and the sweet weather of September gives way to autumnal October.
Naxos as a place provides significant challenges for exploration, sports, and gastronomy that are worth experiencing.
There are peaceful places to quiet down, rest, and get closer to nature and the island’s fertile land.
Naxos is a place with a rich history.
There are several options in archaeological sites,
countless churches, monasteries, chapels of ancient times, and many relics from the past era that are worth seeing.
The island’s incredible beaches are the most important reason for the choice of Naxos by its visitors.
The traditional settlements with the squares and the small taverns that offer homemade food and exquisite delicacies are gastronomic paradises.
Naxos Town with its coastal road, full of taverns, cafes, and pastry shops is the central point on the Island.
The old town of the island was built amphitheatrically and higher.
Small streets lead you to the castle. The view from above is prettier!
It is worth visiting Naxos in October as it has many beautiful places to see and everything is much cheaper!

Naxos weather and temperature in October

The weather in October is autumnal!
When you travel to Naxos in October, you can expect occasional rain, sunshine, and partly cloudy. It is the season when you are likely to encounter various weather phenomena.
The temperature ranges from 19 to 25 degrees.
On average, the temperature is around 21 degrees with a moderate breeze.
October often has nice days! Sometimes, quite often the weather is extremely summery with quite a lot of heat.
October is a good month for holidays, with a cool atmosphere and several days of sunshine.
The cool temperature gives you the impetus to walk, explore and have a good time without the unbearable heat.
On windy days you can have fun with various water sports, on suitable beaches, and with well-organized professionals.
The weather can fluctuate in October, but it certainly won’t be a problem on your vacation!
The beautiful days are enough and if there are some clouds, you can find many options to have a good time!

Is Naxos open in October? Will everything still be open?

On the island of Naxos, the tourist season lasts until October. The weather is favorable and ideal for excursions to the interesting Cyclades island.
On the island, you will find several options to enjoy your holidays even in Autumn.
This month, Naxos welcomes people who want to explore the island, have fun, enjoy the sea and spend their holidays quietly and comfortably.
Shops, restaurants, cafes, and bars continue to operate as usual in the central parts of the island.In Naxos Town, everything is working normally with better service and a sense of calm, as the crowd compared to previous months is noticeably less.
The picturesque villages of Naxos are open to visitors! It is a very good idea to rent a car and spend your time in the beautiful parts of our island.
The beautiful villages of Naxos with their traditional taverns and incredible sightings are the attractions for visitors to the island.
It is worth going to the picturesque Chalki. In addition to its beautiful streets, you will find the workshop for the production ofthe traditional Valindra distillery.
Kitro, the traditional drink of Naxos, is produced there.
In Halki, you will find the most famous handmade “galaktoboureko”, it’s a kind of milk pie, offered in a traditional village cafe.
Filoti, Apeiranthos, and Koronos are some of the villages you should visit on the mountainside of the island.
There are beautiful places to relax, taverns, and interesting historical places.
For lovers of archaeological sites, there are many places to see.
The Portara, the ancient sanctuary of God Apollo in Chora of Naxos,
The sanctuary of Goddess Demeter in Sagri, which is said to be a forerunner of the Parthenon,
The Kouros in Apollo of Naxos, and the Kouros in Flerio of Melanes are some of the ancients, which are located on the island of Naxos.
Many people visit Naxos to hike in beautiful places. In Naxos, there are organized groups that have been hiking for years. There are mountains with magnificent views, ravines, and valleys straight out of a fairy tale that is worth seeing!
Access by car to these places is impossible, and the only way to access them is on foot.
The cool weather helps with walking, and you might get a little tired, but you’ll be rewarded by the beautiful sights you’ll see!
In addition to the walking tours, there is something else very clever and creative:
In collaboration with some groups, local people of the island offer courses in Greek and Naxos gastronomy.
The rich gastronomy of Naxos in combination with the rich production of vegetables, fruits, and meats provides the right opportunity for the creators of wonderful dishes.

Naxos offers possibilities for activities. The island is a paradise for surfers and lovers of water sports.
For sports fans, Naxos offers a feast of activities combining the magic of its beaches with its terrestrial pleasures. For lovers of sea sports, there are windsurfing and kitesurfing centers in MikriVigla, Agios Georgios, and Plaka, fully organized with excellent equipment. The endless sandy beaches combined with the northerly winds offer… truly unique emotions.
For the less fun extreme sports, there are jet skis, canoes, and water bikes for… quiet wanderings on the waves.
All this gives us the impression that Naxos is a place that has a lot to offer its travelers, even in the Autumn season.

Is Naxos crowded in October?

In October in Naxos, you will find tranquility!
More couples and a few families come to the island.
Also, it is the right time for groups.
You will meet many organized groups taking a guided tour of the sights of Naxos.
While shops and restaurants are still open, the crowds are less than in the main summer months. So everything is more comfortable!
You can enjoy your swimming, your drink, and your food in peace! You have the possibility of more options, much cheaper and with the best possible service.
There is vibrancy on the island, but everything fluctuates in levels of quietness.
Even on the roads, where the traffic in the summer months is excessive, it has now decreased noticeably. There is no traffic jam, the driving is easier and stress-free.
In a few words, ideal for peace and rest, without the hustle and bustle of the crowds!

Can you swim in Naxos in October?

Swimming is also suitable in October!
The good water temperature of around 22 degrees is ideal for the autumn season.
Of course, depending on the weather, the temperature of the water is also affected.
Sunshine heats the water. In October we have several days of sunshine, and this is very good for those who love swimming even in autumn.
Of course, there are also days when the wind can cause cold currents in the water.
But this air is extremely friendly for those who love water sports.
Water surfers look forward to windy days so that they can indulge in their favorite water activity.
Even in October, the visitor can enjoy the sea, sunbathe and relax on a shore, listening only to the sound of the waves.

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